Fixed or solid dental replacements (crowns and bridges) are used for dental implants or for rescued and abraded tooth remnants, so-called dental stumps. They are supposed to replace one or more missing teeth, or replace the part that has been damaged by injury or spoiled. Fixed prosthetic then acts as an "outer casing" and ensures the functionality of your weakened or damaged tooth. The method of dental treatment is always based on the current state of the oral cavity. From our experience, however, we can say that the use of fixed prostheses usually requires different types of dental procedures, so treatment is usually not only long but also costly.
We use various materials for the production of fixed prostheses and we always adapt them to the particular situation and requirements of the patient for functionality, aesthetics and financial possibilities. Today's modern materials, however, imitate imitation dental enamel, and fixed prosthetics are almost perfect replacement of the patient's own teeth in both functional and aesthetic aspect. Strong dental replacements will usually last for more than 10 years in case of good care. A dental plaque or food debris may accumulate around the neck crowns and beneath the bridge, and therefore excellent interdental hygiene is essential. In our surgery you will be able to explain how to take care of it properly when you fix a prosthetic.