To have healthy teeth and gums, it is important to take care of dental hygiene at the dental office as part of preventive care. Today, it is no longer a beautifying procedure, but a treatment that removes persistent bacterial dental plaque or biofilm. This is often not enough to remove the tooth cleaning because some areas of the oral cavity are more difficult to access.
The result of dental hygiene is pure teeth without biofilm and gums without bleeding. This condition is essential for all other dental procedures. For gum bleeding, testicular presence, or periodontal disease, we can not guarantee 100% quality dental treatment. You do not have to worry, however, if you start to do a good job of oral hygiene as instructed by a dental hygienist, it is possible to stop the existing oral cavity in almost all patients. Initial caries are remineralized over time and the diseased gum is cured again by removing the agents of dental plaque.
We recommend dental hygiene twice a year!
How do dental hygiene work in the dental office?
At the first dental appointment we will thoroughly examine your dentition and make a preliminary diagnosis.
During the next visit to the dental hygienist, we will show you the difference between healthy oral conditions and serious dental and periodontal disease. We will also explain the relationship between dental plaque and caries, gum inflammation, periodontitis and tartar.
You will show us how you use your home tooth cleaning aids. Bring your own toothbrush with you.
To remember where the bacterial dental plaque is and where not, use the food dye. This will allow you to better see difficult to clean areas in the oral cavity, which you do not get enough with the toothbrush bristles.
We will determine where the dental plaque could be better removed with greater care and a better teeth cleaning technique.
Then you will receive instructions for proper oral hygiene. We'll explain how to handle the toothbrush in your mouth and practice the proper teeth cleaning technique together. We will also recommend appropriate tools for effective home cleaning.
Then, using special tools, we professionally remove the tartar just above the gum but also below the gum level.
The cleaned tooth surfaces are polished using special rubber brushes and a prophylactic paste. The result is a smooth surface with less dental plaque.
Subsequently, we apply fluoride gel or varnish to our teeth, which promotes remineralization of the teeth. They are not only more resistant to acids and caries, but also protected from increased sensitivity.
Regularly completing dental hygiene in dental surgery and adhering to home dental cleaning rules, your dentition should remain aesthetically long, healthy and functional. Take a look at our advice on how to clean your teeth properly!

Dental hygiene:  1 300,- Kč