Regular preventive examinations are designed to prevent the development of dental and gum disease and are therefore an important prerequisite for the permanent health of your mouth. It will allow you to tackle problems at an early stage before you feel them, and their treatment will be much easier and less costly. During the dental examination, we thoroughly investigate: Damaged, missing or spoiled teeth
Early symptoms of caries
Gum condition, periodontal chops, inflammations or other signs of the disease
Status of previous dental work (eg treatment of root canals, fillings and crowns)
Early symptoms of mouth or throat cancer (eg white lesions or blockage of salivary glands)
Suspicious growths or cysts
Position of your teeth (eg cleft, correct bite)
Signs that you have teeth or overloaded too much
Signs of bleeding or inflammation of the tongue, the climate or oral scum
Overall health and function of your jaw joint and signs of possible illness
Total condition of jaws and bones in the face
Neck, glands and lymph nodes for signs of inflammation
If necessary, a dental x-ray is also part of the preventative dental exam, which can reveal, for example, defects under existing fillings, fractures, impacted teeth of wisdom, gums below the gum level, or bone loss caused by gum disease. Finally, let us know the result of the tour and, if necessary, we will discuss the next steps.